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My Life with Young Living Essential Oils 

​I've used essential oils in my massages for a few years now but only to the extent of dabbing a few drops on the headrest so that my clients could have some nice sensory input.  I gotta say the warnings on the bottle made me a little cautious to use them for much more: 'not for internal use' 'carefully dilute with a carrier oil' & 'aromatherapy use'. AND then I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by a fellow massage therapist around Thanksgiving 2013. 

I quickly learned the difference between Young Living Essential Oils [YLEOs] & the oils I'd been buying at local retailers. First off, YLEOs are 100% pure & therapeutic. Most of their oils can be applied NEAT, meaning you don't need a carrier oil AND they can be taken internally. On the other hand it seems that the oils I'd been using labeled '100% pure' are a little misleading​. Take your typical 1oz bottle. Only 10% of that 1oz bottle is required to be 100% pure essential oils while the remaining 90% is filler of some kind, carrier oil or even synthetic material. ​I have personally put it to the 'smell' test & have invited many of my friends to do the same. You really can tell the difference in quality just by taking a really good whiff of a YLEO vs a local retailers version. 

These are just a few of the oils I've been working into my massage sessions:

  • ​Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Copaiba
  • Deep Relief
  • Panaway

I'm continually on the lookout for a new oil [single or blend] that has a benefit for muscles whether it's sore, weak, tired, spasms, cramps, inflammation, etc. 

There is no up-charge for using YLEOs in your massage, for now. You should take advantage of the opportunity to see how they may help with your muscle issues before I add an up-charge later this year. ​

I have fallen in love with these oils so much so that I've become an enthusiastic independent distributor! Which means I have access to over 200 essential oils & can set you up as well. 

 Click here if you are familiar & ready to set up your own account. Otherwise let's talk oils real soon 210.508.2277 or