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​​​​The Types of Massage I Practice


I've been trained in swedish massage. Swedish is made up of 5 types of massage techniques ~ effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration and friction as well as joint movements. I use a whole lot of effleurage and petrissage and fit the other techniques in a massage session based on your needs.

I also offer deep tissue massages for those clients who are particularly active and/or stressed. In my opinion a good therapist will be able to work deep but still work within a client's pain threshold.

Some of my favorite work is when I use trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques. I find this type of massage very satisfying because I am able to bring relief for very specific issues/problems, like headaches, sciatica, and 'knots'.

I've also been trained in pre-natal massage.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT do any type of 'lite touch massage'. Period.


Massa​​ge Prices UPDATED MAY 6 2016 effective May 15 2016

$40 a half hour massage

$70 an hour massage

$100 an hour and a half massage

$140 a two hour massage​

$150 4-handed massage *

$150 Couples Massage **


* 4-handed massa​​​ge

This massage is nearly decadent! You will have TWO massage therapists working on you at the same time. Each therapist will concentrate on either the top or bottom portions of your body ~ while one therapist massages your back, neck, shoulders & arms ~ the other therapist massages your legs and feet for approximately 40 minutes. The same goes for the front of your body when you turn onto your back. It's like getting 2 hours of massage in only one!

** Co​uples Massage

This massage session also entails having two massage therapists as well as two clients. You receive side-by-side massages. The couple can be a husband-wife, mother-daughter, friends, sisters, etc. whoever you'd like. 

* & ** These massages require me to arrange for another therapist requiring me advance notice from you.

Gift Certificates Available. All Yea​r Long.



Group discounts available when y​ou/your organization contracts me as their massage therapist. Email me for more information.