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Why essential oils?

​Most people are looking for cheaper & more effective ways to maintain their family's health. This coupled with the the trend towards a more natural lifestyle makes essential oils the go-to for many and those numbers only continue to rise. 

What are essential oils?

E​ssential Oils are the natural essence and life blood of plants. They can be distilled from: wood, bark, leaves, fruit, flowers, stems, roots, flowering tops, gum resin or fruit rind. 

EOs [essential oils] boost the immune system of plants and work the same for humans. Anything that our blood does for us is what the essential oils do for the plant – they carry nutrients and oxygen to various organs. This is why essential oils can be so effective. ​

EOs are made up of very tiny molecules that have the ability by their chemical structure to penetrate cell membranes & transport oxygen & nutrients & as a result support our immune system. These molecules are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier. 

EOs are absorbed into our skin within 3 seconds & after 22 minutes can be picked up in your saliva.  Their quick absorption aid to stimulate our cells to support their normal & healthy form. 

How do you use essential oils?

You can use Young Living EOs in three different ways:

  • Topically ~ Neat [directly to your skin] or diluted with a carrier oil
  • Internally ~ Drinking, eating or ingesting oils in a vegetable or gelatin capsule
  • Aromatically ~ Diffusing, smelling straight from the bottle, or in jewelry
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Is there a difference between essential oil brands?

​​​​​MOST DEFINITELY. The difference between Young Living Essential Oils [the only brand I use] and most other essential oils is in their dedication to providing only 100% pure & therapeutic grade quality oils to the world. You won't find any synthetic additives or fillers in a bottle of YLEO. 

Young Living, founded in 1993, has 20+ years of research and experience under their belt. They are the only essential oil company with their own farms, all around the world, and have a "Seed to Seal" guarantee.  Check out their brand new "Seed to Seal​" website. The purity continues with a policy of no pesticides or chemicals used on Young Living farms.  The plants that don’t make it into the essential oil are used as herbicides. 

In my classes I like to let people sniff a bottle of Eucalyptus or Cedarwood of a retail brand oil & then smell the pure beautiful aroma of the Young Living equivalent. It's really THAT clear of a difference.  

I like this graphic because it clearly states 10 reasons Young Living rises above the rest of the essential oil​ companies making them your only choice for therapeutic-grade oils. ​


How can I get my own Young Living essential oils?

​​​​​You can purchase your Young Living essential oils by signing up as either a retail or wholesale account holder on-line here. Both options leave the ordering process completely up to you. You order whenever or whatever you want with confidentiality and with no monthly purchase requirements.  

There are a couple of reasons why a wholesale account is the better option, at least in my opinion ~ 1. wholesale members receive a 24% discount off retail prices. forever.  and 2. wholesale members open their account with one of the 'starter kits' that retail customers don't have the opportunity to purchase. 

It's estimated that nearly 99% of people join as wholesale members, as I did. As of June 19, 2015 Young Living introduced a brand new Premium Starter Kit. Between the new oils included, the choice of diffuser & the brand new packaging it is a BEAUTIFUL product. I even ordered this new kit with the dew drop diffuser. 


Feel free to contact me at 210.508.2277 or if you have any questions about Young Living Essential Oils or the ordering process.