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About Me...

I was born and raised right here in San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from Oliver Wendell Holmes High School in 1984. I then went onto San Antonio College to begin my college studies and ultimately transferred to St. Mary's University where I earned my Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing in December of 1990.

I worked for several different San Antonio companies over the next 12 years. I spent a few years as a registered representative for a local mutual fund company where I earned my Series 6 & 63 Licenses. That was a great time.... til I was laid off. Between jobs I spent more than my fair share of time doing receptionist and other clerical work through local temporary agencies to get me through.

My last office job was for an international long distance company. I began there as a temporary receptionist and worked my way up to become the billing manager of that company. Not bad, huh? Too bad they declared bankruptcy. But if they hadn't maybe I would never have become a massage therapist.

I'd been laid off twice and had gone through two corporate bankruptcies in the 12 years since graduating college. I'd just about had it! I decided that this corporate environment was just too unstable for me as a single mom. I just couldn't find myself without a job one more time.

Right before the second bankruptcy was announced I enrolled in massage therapy school. Unfortunately, I found myself unemployed before I was able to complete my massage training. It didn't deter me. It might have made it a bit more difficult, but I had a great support system to help me along the way.

I graduated from the Academy of Massage Therapy Training in Sept. of 2003. I completed my training in just under 6 months AND as an Honor Graduate with over 200 hours of hands-on massage work! I quickly applied for my temporary massage therapy license allowing me to open up my very own massage practice on Oct. 2, 2003. In Feb. 2004 I passed my exams and became a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)*. I've been self-employed for most of my time as a massage therapist. 

My first office was in a little beauty salon on Olmos Drive. I stayed there for 6 months until I was invited by Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, a chiropractor, to join him in his practice in 2004. In June of 2004 I began the transition of working out of my home.

From mid-2005 til January 2011 I worked exclusively out of my home office. At that point 2 things happened... 1. I downsized my home & 2. a drastic family medical emergency occurred prompting me to work for someone else. That's when I joined the team of therapists at Spa d' Sante's Stone Oak location. It was just what I needed at the time. 

It wouldn't be too long though before I began to miss working for myself again & sure enough just a little over a year after joining Spa d' Sante I started looking for another office. In May of 2012 I found my current office off of Craigslist. I share a suite of 7 offices with varied businesses, that's why my business address says ste. 200d. I quit Spa d' Sante for good in January of 2014. I am so happy to be working exclusively for myself again! 

On a slightly more personal note... I am a single mother to a 26 year old son who sustainted a severe traumatic brain injury on New Year's Day 2011. It was a pretty bad accident but he's come a long way & continues to brighten our lives as we continue to support him on his continued recovery through rehab & a whole lot of love & hope. I also have an 17 yr old daughter who will be a senior next fall at a local charter high school. She just became a hostess at Cracker Barrel. I'm so very proud of her. for so many reasons. She adores her big brother, is very protective of him & is a most excellent caretaker. I wouldn't be able to care of him at home if it wasn't for her. 

Well, there you go... that's a little about me. My intention is that you'll get to know even more about me as my website, and I, both grow.

​​​​* I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). This change come with my massage license renewal in 2006.​