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​Check this out...

​​I FINALLY wrote up my first blog post!! It's about Young Living Essential Oils & The Fasciablaster & how those provoked the question "Have you had work done?" Check it out

Welcome to my lil' home on the 'net... love my massage therapist.jpg

​I hope you'll find it enjoyable, whether you are a current client of mine or a prospective one. So take a look around and get a feel for who I am and ​​what I offer as a massage therapist.

In a nutshell ~ I'm a 50 yr old single mom of two who has been massaging since October 2003 that's just over 13 years now!! I work for myself and wouldn't have it any other way. I am completely in charge of when I work and the clients I take on. I take great satisfaction and pride in the work I do. I love nothing better than seeing that satisfied look on a client's face at the end of a massage. That look tells me that I really made a difference in this person's life ~ something I've never felt in any other job I've ever held.

And THAT'S why I LOVE being a massage therapist! Maybe I can be yours?

Michelle Ann Jimenez Reyes LMT 

210.508.2277 or

p.s. my business name is the first initials of my name & sounds like MAJOR as in "sometimes you just need a MAJR massage!"

My Massage Referral Program

​Every referral you send my way that books at least an hour massage earns you a solid 30min of FREE massage time. You have 30 days to redeem it. Think about adding it to your hour long appointment.... yes, that's right, an hour & a half massage for the price of an hour! It is the perfect amount of time for a full body massage. Plenty of time to work your entire body & still have time to address a troubling muscle issue here and there.  Or you can request the 30min FREE massage time in a gift certificate so you can spread the massage love. btw~ 3 month expiration date on these types of gift certificates.

2016 Massage Prices *UPDATED MAY 6 2016 effective May 15, 2016

  • $40 for a half hour
  • $70 for an hour
  • $100 for an hour & a half
  • $140 for 2 hours​
  • $150 for a 4-handed massage
  • $150 for a couples massage
Prepay for 4 massages & I'll give you 10% off the total:
$70 x 4= $280 - $28 [10% of $280] = $252 for 4- 1hr massages
Prepaying massages this way brings your average cost of massages to  $63/hour. Please be aware that these 4 prepaid massages must be used within a 4 month time span. 

You may prepay for longer sessions than an hour. You can mix session lengths & receive 10% off the grand total.